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June 2016


Adventures Galore

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For as long as I can remember I have wanted to travel the world, I have never really known how I would do it, over the years I have had mad ideas to cycle around the world and also read the book by Rosie Swale Pope “Just a little run around the world” a story about her 5 year run around the world which made me think that anything is possible.

When I was in my teens I messed up at school and ended up taking evening classes and becoming a mature student in college after I had had my first child, to try and better myself.  Travel was not an option then because of my daughter and my studies but was always there in the back of my mind as a far away dream, one day, maybe one day.  I went on to have another 4 children who became my world, my dream of having a family was always bigger than my travel dream.

During the time spent bringing up my children, my husband and I talked about travelling many times, in different ways, we discussed taking the children and going to live in France, we talked about taking them to Australia and hiring a camper van to see it all, we even talked about taking a whole year out with the children and sharing exciting far away places with them but there never seemed to be a right time, when it seemed ok to take one child out of school, another had exams, in the end we decided to opt for exciting holidays with our brood.

We took them camping in France, Italy and Spain, went on the Santander ferry which was great fun,  driving through the countries which was always part of the excitement, seeing the real towns and villages not just the touristy parts.  We took them to Iceland, New York for New Years Eve and then Niagara Falls all in one holiday.

We did the obligatory Florida Disney holiday and got caught up in Hurricane Charlie, the first category 5 hurricane in ten years.  Sharing those times with the children will always be special to me, however, now that my children are all grown up and have lives of their own,  what becomes of me??

meditatngMy youngest son is about to join the army, leaving me child less, for the last few years I have travelled on my own to various countries for study and for fun, my husband and I split up 8 years ago and during that time I have been to China, staying in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing to study at a Chinese Medicine hospital in Nanjing.  I have enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to Dubai as part of a choir to sing at the Rugby Sevens tournament, which was being filmed for a tv programme called “Codi Canu” meaning Get up and sing.  Bucharest, Rome, Egypt have also been wonderful places to visit as well as special places in the UK including the Highlands of Scotland.

For many years I have joked that when my youngest leaves I am off to travel the world, never really knowing if I would, because I never really had enough money.  Last year due to illness I lost my business and all the money I had was in the business so my chances were slimmer and my dream was slipping further and further away from me.  Maybe one day?

What to do now all my children are young independent people, nothing ever prepares you for the massive hole in your life when your children become their own people, when they were children they were mine but now they belong to themselves, I was merely borrowing them.

Fresh organic yellow smoothie with banana apple mango pear pineapple and lemon as healthy drink

Nutri Bullet smoothie maker

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While on my travels my main aim is to recover my health, last year I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid which triggered Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and possible bowel problems.  I believe through my past training in naturopathy and acupuncture that most disease starts in the gut, if your gut is not functioning correctly this creates an imbalance in the whole system and the way it manifests in everyone is different.  For me it has manifested in problems with digestion which I believe is linked to my ongoing problem with RA.

I had lots of health problems last year which had been coming on for a about 2 to 3 years but culminated last year in an almost complete breakdown, it was as if my body was shutting down (a whole blog in itself) anyway I am on the mend now and like I said this blog is about my road to recovery as well as my adventures.

I will be visiting some places in the UK first and will be taking my nutri bullet, the best way to guarantee you are getting all your nutrients if you are in a tight spot and have no cooking facilities but also when you don’t have much time, just put all the ingredients into the bullet and blend, it is very filling and ensures you have your daily vitamins and minerals for the day.

Fresh organic green smoothie with salad apple cucumber pineapple and lemon as healthy drink

Fresh organic green smoothie with salad apple cucumber pineapple and lemon as healthy drink

If you want to give the Nutri Bullet a try click on my link and take a look.


iphone 5s

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As I am using my blog to try and earn a living it is important that I make it interesting (feedback gratefully received), in order to make it a little more interesting I find that visuals work well, in other words, I need to use photos of my adventures to give a better picture of what I am up to. Below is an example of one of the pictures taken yesterday on my iphone, no filters, no colour enhancers just the image taken at the time.


I have chosen to use the iphone 5s as a means to take photographs, the pictures are great, it’s easy to use and easy to upload the photos to my laptop. I am a bit of a technophobe so would find it difficult if this wasn’t the case. It really is so simple that a child could do it, in fact a child could probably do it better then me.

I am including links to the products I have mentioned simply because some people who read my blog might want to buy the product themselves in which case the link is provided below the article.

Life is an Adventure

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What is adventure? What does it mean? I think it means different things to different people. If you look up the definition in the dictionary: Adventure = “An unusual and exciting or daring experience”. Whatever you do in a day that you don’t normally do in the daily run of your life could be considered an adventure. Therefore if you go to work every day at the same time, eat the same food etc. then by making a change to just one of these regular happenings, it could be considered an adventure, for instance if you eat packed lunch every day then decide to have a pub lunch in a place you have never been to before, in the middle of the week, this could be seen as an adventure to some, but, to others they need something more exciting like bungee jumping or swimming with dolphins or any number of things which people might put on their “bucket list”.

I believe things you might put on your list are big adventures and other things you might do which are a change from your daily routine are small adventures and everything in between vary on the scale of adventureness!! (I know this isn’t a real word, just thought it sounded good lol)

a girl walking in a field with a flock of birds with an original quote

Anyway I believe that everything in life can be an adventure if you decide it is going to be, the problem with a lot of people’s viewpoint is it’s negative, they go to work and feel like hamsters on a wheel while their life disappears before their eyes but I think they can try to experience an adventure regularly by doing things they might never have done before. For a start they can do what is mentioned above and go somewhere different for their lunch, they could do a meditation class in their lunch break, basically anything they do that is different can be an adventure and I believe we should all ensure we have at least a few every week if possible.

Happy children silhouettes on summer meadow running and jumping

When I go on my great adventure I want to experience something new and different as often as I can so I am open to all sorts of things, already I have been offered the chance to work at a pop up restaurant, join an Irish choir, go sailing off the coast of Ireland, go snowboarding in France, learn about making yarn on a spindle from a sheep fleece in Wales, do crafts with local children in Thailand, feed chickens in Bali and these are just some of the fun things I will be doing over the next few months.

For some people these might seem mundane and for those people I would urge them to find something which they would find more interesting and just make adventures out of them. Life is very short and to go through it doing the same thing all the time means you will look back and wonder where it all went, but it has been proven scientifically that the more different things you do the more memorable your life is.


There are many things people want to do but they very often put it off saying that the time is not right so they will wait until that time is right but sometimes that time never comes and they regret not having done the things they wanted to do. Think about the things you want to do, like learn how to play an instrument, learn a language, learn to sing, travel the world, have a family, buy a house, all these adventures resonate with lots of people but their fear stops them from going for it, however, the time to go for it is now. All we really have is now, the past is gone, the future we plan may never come, and this is why we have to do it now.

If you are not a very adventurous person because of your fears, start with small adventures like going out for lunch in the middle of the week and gradually build up until you are ready for the big adventures like travelling, having children, moving house etc., you will feel more alive the more adventures you have. It has been mentioned to me by someone I know very well that they feel I am constantly looking for something that I will never find, because I am continually having adventures but this is not the case, I am happy with my life, I don’t believe in regrets because there is nothing we can do about what has gone, as mentioned before all we have is now and those moments while you are living in the now can be many and precious and exciting. I have believed for a very long time that I needed and wanted to cram as much adventure into my life as I could and I am still trying to achieve this. There is never too much adventure!

Senior couple on country walk

If you feel you can’t afford whatever your adventure might be, find a way to do it in another way, for instance, if you feel you can’t afford to visit a certain country because the hotel costs are too high, think about camping instead, I have always been a big believer in finding the cheapest way to do things, probably because when I was married there were seven of us living in the house and everything we did, everywhere we went could have been expensive but I became Mrs thrifty and always found a way to save money and still have our adventure.


If we went on holiday that involved hotels, we would make our lunch out of the buffet breakfast food, or if we were camping we always went to the supermarket and made our own meals instead of eating out at every opportunity which can be very expensive. These are just a couple of examples that probably a lot of people already do but it’s just to point out that you shouldn’t let money or the lack of it rule your life. Money really isn’t everything. After I took part in the London to Paris bike ride I realised that I wanted to do that trip more often, but couldn’t afford it, so I went to work for the company, there is always a way to do what you want when you really think about it and there is always plenty of ways to have adventures.

Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient. acupuncture needles. alternative healthcare

Practical Acupuncture

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There seems to be a lot of confusion over what acupuncture can treat, I get asked this question all the time, when people find out what I do, bearing in mind Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture has been used in China for about 2500 years, it is a more holistic approach to medicine with the view that each mechanism in the body affects all others, so in order to ensure the health of the body or person, you need to look at all the parts and treat accordingly.

TCM acupuncture helps the body to heal itself, so any condition you may present with, be it Migraine, back pain, Tennis elbow, IBS etc. etc. then acupuncture can treat it, because through the diagnosis, which involves taking a full case history, taking the pulse and analysing the tongue the practitioner will try to treat the root cause of the illness as well as the symptoms which helps the body re balance and heal itself. Acupuncture also helps your body to create the right environment for healing.

Acupuncture - Application of needles in senior at the spa .

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis is based on eight principles, those being, Yin and Yang, Hot and cold, Internal and External and excess and deficiency, alongside these eight principles we look at the whole person and how they present at that exact moment in time. This means the treatments each week may vary depending on presentation.
Very fine sterile needles are inserted at points on the body which are found on any one of the 12 channels/meridians carrying qi through the body in the same way as veins and arteries carry blood. These points are determined by a diagnosis as mentioned previously. Every patient is treated differently according to how they present at that precise moment in time.

The Eastern or Asian acupuncture medical treatment said to prevent or treat a variety of medical ailments including pain.

TCM Acupuncture also uses other methods of treatment including: Fire Cupping, Slide cupping, Moxibustion, Electro acupuncture, Ear acupuncture and Tui Na massage.


Female laying on chest with cupping treatment on back

In a recent analysis published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers concluded that acupuncture has a definite effect in reducing chronic pain, such as back pain and headaches – more so than standard pain treatment. Real acupuncture also produced slightly better results than using sham needles, which suggests the benefits of needling are due to more than the placebo effect.

The Eastern or Asian acupuncture medical treatment said to prevent or treat a variety of medical ailments including pain.

The researchers discovered that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, Osteoarthritis and migraine. Although within this research these were the only conditions proven to respond to acupuncture, it has also been proven in other studies to work on other pain conditions such as arthritis, knee pain and most other pain conditions. It has also been proven an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.
Another major advantage of using it is that acupuncture, which is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is remarkably safe with few, if any, negative side effects, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.


My first Helpx hosting

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I arrived in Afonwen, my first Helpx host on July 15th very late at night, having mistimed the travelling.  I was greeted by Nicola and Bim of Bim’s Kitchen, an artisan food company, and shown to my cute little flat within the premises but away from the main house.  The main residence is an old pub called Pwll Gwyn which has listed building status, when it was bought by Nicola and Bim a couple of years ago it needed a lot of work to get it up and running as a restaurant with letting rooms.

Nicola asked me to meet her at 10am the next morning where she went over my main tasks for the next month. She also explained that her and Bim would be going to the Royal Welsh show at Builth Wells on Sunday to promote their products, they were supposed to have member of staff to help them at the show but he had let them down at the last minute so they both needed to go, which meant I would be left to my own devices for a few days, they would be back on Friday, which I relished, having already thought about what adventure I would go on first.


My tasks for the next month are mainly to get one of the rooms ready for letting out on Airbnb and help to make table runners ready for the restaurant.  Also I will be helping pack their produce ready for market.  But all that will start next week.

Nicola and Bim started their business while living in London, when the business quickly took off they needed larger premises and in London the prices of larger premises was restrictive so they began their search for more amenable premises which could have been anywhere, all depending on the actual place itself and what it had to offer, Pwll Gwyn had it all, mainly a fully functioning commercial kitchen which was exactly what they needed to make their African themed sauces.


As mentioned previously it is an old pub but due to previous people making alterations that were not in keeping with listed building status, this meant that changes needed to be made before it could be opened as a pub again so Nicola and Bim have decided to just use the kitchen for their food business and to use the letting rooms to bring in some extra money, which were mainly good and needed no work doing, they are also going to section off part of the pub and just use the restaurant as a pop up restaurant which means special nights will be arranged and advertised with set menus which people will have to book prior to the event.

The business has been run from the pub for the last two years and is still very much in its infancy, their sauces are sold in small delicatessens all over the UK and direct to the public through the festivals they attend and via their website.

I am very much looking forward to playing my own small part in building their business and in such a beautiful part of the world as North Wales.  I am hoping to try their products while I am here too, although not the very spicy ones.


My last adventure with the boys

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During the time I ran my business I was a member of BNI (Business Networking International) for more than five years.  We met every Friday morning at the Norton House hotel in beautiful Mumbles for a business meeting to pass referrals and learn more about how to promote our businesses and get more customers.  For a few years during my time with them I was the only woman in the group so used to call myself one of the boys, which stuck over the years.

Every year we have a get together to enjoy our local culture and scenery and have a social drink or two.  We have been going to the Gower peninsula for the last few years as it is such a beautiful place.  We hire a mini bus and travel throughout the whole of the Gower admiring the views from various watering holes along the way.


As part of my travels I intend visiting as many beautiful places as is possible but it’s not always just about the scenery, it’s about the people you share it with, I love the company of my friends from the BNI, they are such a friendly bunch who have become firm friends over the years and I will miss them when I am off on my travels so I wanted to spend one last trip with them over the Gower so I could marvel at the wonderful places on our doorstep.

One of my favourite places in the world is Rhossili, it has been voted in the top ten beaches all over the world in the last few years and it is truly astounding, as you park your car in the huge carpark close to the end of Worms Head you can’t see the sight that awaits you, but once out of the car and walking towards the beach it hits you, the sheer beauty that is Rhossili, miles of beach where surfers love to enjoy their sport, hills high enough for the brilliant brightly coloured paragliders to meet and fly.



A haven for all kinds of sporting activities, including hill climbing, horse riding, hiking and general strolling as well as the already mentioned paragliding, surfing, swimming etc.  There are wonderful cliffside walks, and a scenic walk over to the Worms Head which is a peninsula in itself filled with many species of birdlife and sea life animals such as seals and I think a dolphin or two have been spotted just off the coast at some point.  You have to be very careful with your timings as you need to walk over just as the tide goes out to uncover the walkway and you need to make it back before the tide comes back in and cuts you off.  (I secretly always wanted to be cut off with my tent so I could sleep on the Worm and enjoy the peace and tranquility for one night but it’s not really allowed).  As you approach the point where you cross over there is a sign which clearly tells you what time you need to come back to make it before the cut-off.

Near the path down to the beach there is a lovely little seaside café with the best views over the beach towards Llangennith and the mainland and also a traditional hotel called the Worms Head hotel where you can stay a few nights or just call in for food and wine and sit in the beer garden and watch the sun go down marveling at the most wonderful sunsets ever.  In summer it is busy with lots of tourists mingling with all the locals but in the winter the weather casts a different light over Rhossili and the winds and rain make it a wildly wonderful walking place, after your walk you can return to the hotel where they have a roaring log fire and you can enjoy the food, wine and hospitality, not forgetting to chat to the local friendly characters.

Every year that we have organised our tour of the Gower the weather has been kind to us and this year was no different, the sun was shining which always makes for a more enjoyable time.  We had many laughs and visited many pubs but my favourite will always be the Worms Head hotel.  We laughed and drank in the beer garden while enjoying the wonderful views, with maybe a little too much wine.



Rhossili will always hold a special place in my heart because of the time I have spent there over the years.  I have paraglided there with the paragliding club, hiked from Port Eynon to Rhossili along the cliff tops with my eldest daughter, hiked over to the worm with my boys when we were camping there one summer, we also went swimming in the lovely beaches around the coastline and body boarded at Rhossili beach.  I have cycled there on my own on many occasions and with my friends from the best cycling club in Bynea.   When I was ill last year my youngest daughter took me there for a visit and we had a short walk along the cliffs admiring the scenery and watching the sheep graze so close to the cliff edge.

I am lucky I live in such a wonderful place where my adventures started a long time ago, even though I am now off on the adventure of a lifetime, leading up to this point the adventures I have had have been many, which I will talk about during my travels.