As I am using my blog to try and earn a living it is important that I make it interesting (feedback gratefully received), in order to make it a little more interesting I find that visuals work well, in other words, I need to use photos of my adventures to give a better picture of what I am up to. Below is an example of one of the pictures taken yesterday on my iphone, no filters, no colour enhancers just the image taken at the time.


I have chosen to use the iphone 5s as a means to take photographs, the pictures are great, it’s easy to use and easy to upload the photos to my laptop. I am a bit of a technophobe so would find it difficult if this wasn’t the case. It really is so simple that a child could do it, in fact a child could probably do it better then me.

I am including links to the products I have mentioned simply because some people who read my blog might want to buy the product themselves in which case the link is provided below the article.