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While working on Anglesey a couple of weeks ago I decided to go to Beaumaris, a lovely little seaside town on the South West coast of Anglesey, the views look back over the Menai  Straits towards Conway on the left and the Snowdonia range to the right.  Beaumaris is also known for its castle which I have visited on one prior occasion but it was closed because we arrived too late in the afternoon, sad to say the same happened on this occasion, I didn’t realise the time, parked my car, took a walk through the town and as I approached the castle I could see the lady at the till just inside the foyer counting the takings for the day and sure enough, I was too late again so I had to make do with taking some pictures from outside the gate.  I will just have to go back again soon because it looks like a fantastic castle to visit so maybe next time I will be third time lucky.

I know I have mentioned castles before in my blog but I really do love them and the history attached to their walls.

Beaumaris doesn’t disappoint when it comes to history, it is the final castle in Edward 1sts “Ring of Castles” built in North Wales. Edward the 1st started building the castle in 1295 and work continued until around 1330.  However the castle was never completed before it was taken by Welsh forces in the Owain Glyndwr rebellion in 1403.  It was recaptured in 1405 and became involved in other battles but fell into ruin in about 1660.  In the 19th century it formed part of a stately home and park and was taken over in the 21st century by CADW who now manage it.


Even though it is partially ruined, a lot of the original walls remain and you can take a walk around the outer and inner walls and towers and admire the views across to Snowdonia from its ramparts.  The moat allowed access from the sea at high tide to the main entrance of the castle.  Climbing up the stairwells of the many towers you can see the murder holes designed to drop heavy objects on the enemy from above.



Even though the castle dominates the town, there is plenty to do otherwise, you can take a boat out to Puffin Island off the jetty, take a walk along the seafront admiring the old hotels, or take a walk in the quaint little town with artisan shops selling all sorts of local made crafts.  You might come across what is believed to be the oldest house in Wales nestled between some of the more modern buildings of Beaumaris, it is believed to have been built around 1400 when more and more townships were springing up in Wales in place of the more rural single dwellings of Medieval Wales.

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There are so many more castles I want to visit while I am staying in North Wales so I now own a CADW membership card which gives free entry to all castles, I will definitely be coming back when I am on Anglesey again. Hopefully I might take a boat out to Puffin Island too.