Doolin beach

By 17th September 2016My Philosophies!

Cliffs of Moher and Doolin

What a wonderful day it’s been, I have seen so much but I’m going to just write about the Cliffs of Moher and Doolin on this post as they are so special.


I am sitting on the beach at Doolin with my laptop writing this.  Doolin is where the Ferry goes from the mainland to the Arran Isles and also where I have pitched up for the night.  The camp site is just behind me, it is a beautiful evening and I’m just sitting here watching the waves crash against the rocks, something I love to do but when I was back home there never seemed to be enough time for it, I was too busy doing other things.  The beauty of doing what I am doing now is that I can spend as long as I like trying to capture the perfect wave photo.


There is something so captivating and special about watching the waves crashing against the rocks it’s hard to explain what it is, it could be the fact that nature is at its wildest and you just know if you were to mess with her you would come a cropper!


The sun is just setting and it is peeping out from behind the clouds and casting its rays down across the back of this little island, it looks so stunning, I have taken about 50 photos tonight, it’s the type of sunset you weren’t expecting as I had not seen it all today, it has been hiding away behind the clouds.  I love sunsets, I know a lot of people say once you have seen one sunset you have seen them all but that is not true at all, each one is different and special for different reasons, even if you see them in the same place they are still different each time.


Like nature, everything is changing all the time, we are on a constant moving changing planet and to watch nature at its best is special.  I just missed the perfect phot while I was typing LOL!!!

I’m supposed to be going to Lisdoonvarna tonight but it is so beautiful on the beach I might even sleep here for the night.



In Doolin over the weekend is a Harley Davidson Festival so there are loads of motorbikes zooming about all over the place, spoiling the peace in a way but also adding to the drama of the crashing waves and the dramatic coastline in the Burren with its layered rock hills and almost lunar landscape.  There is a lot of special plants and insect like in the region but no sheep! Yes that’s right no sheep, which is a huge change, having come from Connemara and Achill where sheep rule I almost miss them in the road!


I haven’t even got around to talking about the cliffs, I think I will have to keep them for another post, this one is just about this moment on this wonderful beach with nothing but sea, rocks, wind, sunset, crashing waves and the occasional motorbike spinning past. Heaven!! The sun has set it’s so magical here!!!