Valentine’s Day in Paris

By 10th May 2017Travel


It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m in Paris, on my own mind you but I’m in Paris nonetheless.  As mentioned before, Paris is my favourite city.  Today I decided to visit the love wall, which is a wall in the Montmartre area of Paris with “I Love You” written in every language on the wall, it is on the side of a building and very large with many visitors taking their photo while there, many romantic couples kissing and taking photos of themselves with the wall as the background.   It was a lovely place, I searched for the words I love you in English but, the Welsh version I found first, which said Te Caru, it should be Caru ti but I suppose it’s close enough.  I spent some time there sitting on the bench watching the children in the park and watching all the couples come and go, from the very young to the very old, lots of romantic couples. So it would seem that Romance is not dead after all.


I bought some lunch and decided to eat it in the park, I also bought a small glass of red wine in a plastic glass which I could recycle and use again.  I sat in the park attached to the church Sainte Trinite, went to see the stained glass windows but it was closed for renovation.  Watched the wino’s on the next bench drinking their stash and laughing and joking, obviously enjoying themselves, I wondered what the difference was between us, here we were, all just drinking wine in the park.  I did share some of my lunch with a homeless man, I offered him all I had left but he only took a little.


After lunch I went wandering and ended up in the designer district looking at John Galliano tartan trousers through the shop window with the assistant looking out at me almost laughing, it was a bit like the scene from Pretty Woman when the assistant thinks she can’t afford to buy the clothes! Lol!  Not interested in buying anyway, so I wandered on and found another church, took a look inside and they also had decorations for Valentine’s day, a big heart on the wall.  I did some meditation in the church as it was so peaceful.


I had walked quite a bit and I wanted a drink so decided I didn’t want to spend another 5 euros on coffee, found an American Diner selling a quarter carafe of vin rouge for 3 euros, much better, spent the afternoon there talking to lovely French people, my French is getting better, they couldn’t speak English at all and we managed a conversation.




It was dark by the time I came out of the American Diner so I made my way back to the hostel, I never managed to find some red roses that weren’t over-priced so never managed to give any out to random strangers, probably for the best lol! But I did give money to a Syrian refugee family! Valentine’s Day in Paris has been a good day!


The Chanel shop was being refurbished, so gutted I wanted to buy a classic Chanel piece!!


Lovely little shops in Paris!



Looks like it could be my shop!


Another monument which I can’t remember the name of!